Avail Quickest AC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in Dubai: Look for Instant Help

Since the temperature is rising at an alarming rate, AC is no longer a fascination and has become a necessity. Moreover, it’s impossible to live without an AC for those who are residing in Dubai. Dubai is known to be a warm city almost throughout the year except for the winter season. Thus, regardless of whether we are at home or office, AC is a must, especially during the daytime. You might have bought an AC to withstand the scorching heat and relax at your home or office in Dubai, UAE. Hence you can connect with us at Urbanclap to install this machine at your desired location. 

Since AC is a machine, it requires periodical maintenance and repair in critical cases. Though maintenance seems to be simple, it covers a lot of things. It is not possible to do the maintenance on your own. Thus, you can let third-party do this task on your behalf. So, you can connect with Urbanclap and avail ac maintenance or repair in Dubai, UAE

Our Services Covered Under AC Repair in Dubai, UAE:

We at Urbanclap offer the following range of services for AC repair in Dubai, UAE

1. Straighten Coil Fins

The aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils can bend easily and block airflow inside. As a result, you won’t get the desired temperature from your AC. So, let our experts inspect the coil fins and straighten them if required. You can even unscrew the metal box and fix the coil fins with the help of the user manual. But, a wong attempt can stop the airflow inside the AC. Thus, it is advisable to take expert assistance. 

2. Sinking Home Air Conditioner Pad

If air conditioner pad sinks, water puddles will accumulate around the AC unit. Moreover, concrete pads under heat exchanger units of the air conditioner tend to settle with time. As a result, you can’t get an adequate cooling effect from your air conditioner. If you are experiencing such a situation, then connect with experts at Urbanclap. If there is a necessity, then we will replace the air conditioning pad for your ac machine. 

3. Get a Programmable Thermostat

You can ask us to get a programmable thermostat for your air conditioner. This programmable thermostat will let you control the temperature as per the weather condition. Thus, you can save a huge amount on your electricity bill. 

4. Add an In-line Duct Booster

You can even avail our AC repair in Dubai to install an in-line duct booster for better airflow. An in-line duct booster is better than vent and register booster fans for spreading the cooling effect. If your AC machine already has an in-line duct booster, then contact for any repairs. 

5. Repairing the Wiring and Components 

Connect with us if something goes wrong with the wiring or components of your air conditioner. Signs of melted, blackened, or burned insulation imply a repair of your ac machine. 

6. Repairing or Replacing the Thermostat

You won’t get the required temperature if the thermostat of your air conditioner is faulty. You can fix the issue by upgrading the older or mechanical thermostat to a programmable model. Besides thermostat, the condenser unit fan is also responsible for the cooling effect. The problem will start when cracks are visible on one or more blades of the fan. So, if the fan blades are correct, then the fan motor bearings need to be oiled. You can reach us if your air conditioner is experiencing any such issues. 

Make the Most of Your Air Conditioner with Our AC Maintenance and Repair

Get in touch with Urbanclap if you are looking for reliable AC maintenance companies in Dubai. We appear among the top searches when people look for air conditioner maintenance companies in Dubai, UAE. We charge a minimum amount to offer maintenance or repairing services for any types of air conditioners. After receiving your service request, our experts will reach you on the same day and fix your AC in the shortest possible time. We know how difficult it is to stay a single day without an air conditioner. Thus, we won’t delay our service and charge more for our personal benefit. Now it’s time to end your search for an authentic air repair or maintenance in Dubai. So, make a call at our helpline number 042480525 and book your service today. 

Benefits of Periodical Maintenance of AC Machine:

Regular maintenance helps to optimize the performance of your ac in the following ways:

Improved Performance

The air conditioning system develops problems generally due to regular use. Hence it requires routine maintenance to maintain its performance by 95%. Otherwise, it might fail to offer its original operational efficiency. As a result, it will consume more power and fail to provide the expected cooling effect to lower the humidity level. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Periodical servicing of your AC will remove clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils, and other components. Remember an inefficient air conditioner that will add up to your electricity bill and affect the environment as well. If you want to save your money and preserve the environment, then AC maintenance is the best option for you. 

Longer Operational Life

Every machine has a definite operational life but it will last longer if you maintain its working condition. Thus, connect with us to have the right amount of care and attention for your air conditioner. If your AC has one faulty part, then it is going to affect the remaining parts as well. Therefore, the sooner you will fix the problem, the better will be the operation of your AC. 

Reduced Overall Repair Costs

If you avoid regular maintenance, then emergency repairs will cost you high. If your AC is in a critical condition, then it will stop working entirely. Thus, you can avoid these costly repairs with periodical maintenance.

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